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Professional Referral Network for Realtors

When a REALTOR refers another agent their client through our network, they want assurance the agent will dedicate the time to serve, invest the time to prepare, and make the client a raving fan! In placing referrals that is our aim. We invest the time necessary to insure your client receives professional service and we monitor the transaction to its completion.


We screen agents with key questions about their knowledge regarding the local market


Our questions are designed to see how they will perform during the interview process


When pricing a property, agents use our GPS Pricing system which traditionally prices property better than Zillow, Trulia, and


We coordinate all communications regarding securing the referral and wrapping up the transaction


Referral fees now range on the low side 25% yet up to 45% for some relocation firms. When the agent has an opportunity for another agent the referral fee is just 25% and Excelsior receives a service fee of just $129 which is paid by the agent that performs the transaction.*

* These referral fees can be negotiated.

How An Agent Joins Excelsior Buyer/Seller Referral Network

Just complete the profile regarding your desired area of the USA or country you serve. Please also mention the name of the loan officer that may have introduced you to this program. 

There is no monthly fee like many referral networks. Only the $129 transaction fee.