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Sell Your Home When You Are Ready

Standby Senior™

When a Senior plans to have family over for the holidays, preparations can be stressful. It can even worse if you are trying to put your home on the market. The Standby Senior™ Program offers many conveniences to a Senior going through a transitional time in their life. With Standby Senior™ you are able to sell your home without listing it.

We Find The Buyer

Let the Buyer Matchmaker™ take care of finding the buyer. The sale of your home is 100% contingent on your ability to make the move to your next residence. Don’t do any preparation to put your home on the market. How do we accomplish the sale of your home without listing it? We find a buyer who wants to live in your area, and does not mind the 2 to 5 month or longer wait to get into their next home, giving you time to make your move.

We Take Care of Everything

With Standby Senior™ we take care of everything, and guide you through the entire home selling process. Often times Seniors want to downsize, and do not have the space to take everything with them. That is no problem! You are able to leave behind anything you aren’t taking with you. We will coordinate any donations and hauling for you. This is your step to a stress free home sale.

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